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ClickSellYourvehicleNordstrom’s® Auto Recycling utilizes vehicles from many sources to keep our inventory fresh and full. We are also always looking to acquire new vehicles and we will give you a bid on any vehicle you desire to sell. We will pay top dollar on the spot for inventory that matches our needs. With the inventory needs of both facilities at Nordstrom’s® Automotive Inc, the variety of our vehicle needs are extensive. Please call Nordstrom’s® Auto Recycling at 605-594-4195 or CLICK HERE to get a bid or schedule a pick up. Here are a few things that are important to have ready when asking for a bid to buy or scheduling a vehicle pick up.

Consider Nordstrom’s® Auto Recycling for all of your vehicle disposal needs

  • Consider Nordstrom’s® Auto Recycling and EWE-PULLET for all of your vehicle disposal needs
  • Insurance companies, donation firms, self-insured, banks, private parties, fleets, and any other agencies consider us for your vehicle disposal needs. Call to talk about the possibilities.  We are a registered SD dealer.
  • We must have a valid title that is free of liens and is transferable with payment going to the registered name on the title.
  • Please be prepared to give us the 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which will provide us with needed information that you may not know quickly. We can figure out many things by the VIN.
  • We will consider all types of vehicles from the oldest unused damaged, broken down or unused vehicle to the most current brand new vehicle with minor to major collision damage.
  • If the vehicle has documented major repairs, please let us know that and be willing to provide the documentation to support these repairs. These things may be considered in our bid process.
  • Vehicles can not be piled with garbage and extra rubble; they must be cleaned out of “extras” before our towing services will pick them up.
  • We will work with you to match a schedule to pick up your vehicle or if you can bring it to us, it might help the deal be better for you.
  • We are interested in vehicles with minor repairable damage also, all vehicles will be considered.
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