Beware of scammers and stay safe

The professional Gold Seal Certified Recyclers at Nordstrom’s wants to make sure you do not get SCAMMED by bad actors posing as our company and for that matter others in the industry.

If you have been contacted by someone representing themselves as Nordstrom’s shortly after submitting your phone number or e-mail address into a “Parts Request Form” on the internet.


  • We DO NOT use ZELLE, CashApp, or Venmo direct with our reps.
    Our reps accept major credit cards and use professional payment links.
    You will enter in your credit card information into a third-party PCI compliant application.
    Our reps do not gain access to your credit card information and your card will be qualified to match credentials.
  • You will typically contact us FIRST directly.
    Once you engage us, our reps will contact you from a secure e-mail in their name with our domain name
    If they are texting it will be from their direct line that will match their phone number at our company.
    If you call our company you will reach humans or a phone tree system that matches the humans.
    These calls will come from 605-594-xxxx extensions.
    We DO NOT have out of state or out of country reps selling our parts.
  • ALL the parts we have for sale are in a very organized computerized inventory system with very specific bar-coded tags and unique stock numbers on the vehicles and parts.
    We have specific photos of the parts and vehicles, the unique numbers will show in photos of our items.
    Your invoices will have matching numbers and complete VIN’s of the source vehicle your part came from. (Remember you can always run a Carfax or other vehicle history service on the source vehicle VIN, to verify miles, always get the source VIN to avoid stolen items and misrepresentation of miles which is common with shady brokers)
  • Be weary of ads online in places such as Facebook Marketplace showing piles of engines or rare hard to find items with low prices to catch your attention.
    Those are typically brokers and, in some cases, complete crooks preying on your desperation to find a bargain.
  • We have had way too many victims call us that have been scammed out of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by these posers.
    We advise you to be ON HIGH ALERT!
    Here are some phone numbers the scammers have been using recently.
      • 317-922-0090 Bobby, Steve, Sam
      • 307-461-5536
      • 605-499-7721 (They are spoofing a South Dakota Number)
      • Emails beginning with suhaib@
      • Emails beginning with suakibmj5@

We feel so bad if you have been a victim of these criminals.
Please help us stop them and prosecute them.
Please file a police report and report it to

We are also in contact with the South Dakota Attorney Generals office and would be interested if you would like to share your details with us.
You can share with them directly at [email protected]

If you need parts, we want to help you, in a professional manner!
You can contact us via phone or text at 605-594-4166.
Get to know one of our reps and let them help you find those hard-to-find parts in our expansive network of trusted industry partners.
You can also buy secure e-commerce right on this website for all the parts we have on hand.
Click the orange “SEARCH & BUY PARTS” box on our home page at


Thank you,


The Nordstrom Team.


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