"Praise The Lord Always"

1Thes. 5:18

“It is a Bible verse our family has used since 1973 and It means a lot to us. Always be thankful no matter what happens because that’s God’s will for those in Christ Jesus. In other words, look for good in everything, watch for good out of it. Turn lemons into lemonade!”

Marie Nordstrom
Look, and you will find the PTLA Acronym on most all of our public facing property and advertising, it is written in our concrete, and it is etched in our hearts.

Nordstrom Mission Statement

The Nordstrom’s team will strive each day while embracing CANI, to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We will offer money saving options with best-in-class warranties to give customers Complete Confidence©. We will promote a friendly, integrity-rich culture within which we can provide opportunity for many while building long lasting relationships inside and outside of the company. We will profitably operate a clean, green, modern, efficient organization that gives back to the community and the industry. Paramount to all of our goals is recognizing all glory goes to God as our faith is the foundation for everything.

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