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33 Day Return Policy Details

Returns are accepted on standard order parts for 33 days from the date of this invoice with the following terms and conditions:
To start the return process contact Nordstrom’s for your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Please confirm you have the original Invoice and packaging available. Our goal is to make acceptable returns as no-hassle as possible but we need your help in this process too.

• The RMA number must be noted with returned items. When an item arrives in person or via shipping the number is needed for proper credit and restocking.
• Returned parts must be in the same condition as they were purchased and may not be painted, disassembled or tampered with.
• The expense of returning parts to Nordstrom’s is the purchaser’s responsibility whether that is in person or via shipping systems.
• Brokered in non-stocked parts ordered specifically for your request are non-refundable.
• Parts that were removed specifically for you which require extensive time or cutting to remove from a vehicle are non-refundable.
• New and remanufactured components that have been approved for return may be subject to an inspection fee prior to final credit.
• Electrical parts returned with the smoke let out of them (i.e. shorted, fried, burned) are non-returnable. Please diagnose circuits prior to purchasing parts.
• Core returns must be drained of all fluids, assembled and complete as they were sold to you with the original containers and must be in approved rebuildable condition. Bent or broken housings must be approved prior to purchase. Cores must be returned within 90 days to qualify for full core refund.
• Refunds will NOT exceed the original purchase price.
• Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable.
• No refunds on deposits or payments. Parts with deposits will be restocked after 30 days.
• Payments made by check will be refunded no sooner than 10 business days from the date of the invoice.

Nordstrom’s “Complete Confidence” Warranties

It is very important that WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS AND RESELLERS disclose the warranty that is included with this purchase to their customer. Our warranty is binding only with the original purchaser on this invoice and claims will be handled with the purchaser on this invoice also. Contact Nordstrom’s immediately PRIOR TO REPAIRING OR REMOVING any components. We require the original repair receipts prior to considering any warranty claim.

Parts are delivered DRAINED OF ALL FLUIDS. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) procedures and fluid specifications must be followed when installing Nordstrom’s parts. As the buyer, understand your choices to short-cut procedures and lubrication specifications will lead to your claim being denied. We ask for your cooperation in diagnosing why the original part failed. We need your help to avoid component failures and misdiagnosed replacements which cost both party’s time and money.

199 Day Standard Limited Warranty (STD199DW)

• The duration and terms of the warranty listed on the line item of this invoice overrides the STD199DW if they are different.
• There are ZERO reimbursements for labor with the STD199DW.
• Our STD199DW Expires after 199 Days from the date on the invoice of the original 1st purchase.
• Nordstrom’s Return Policy will apply to any warranty claim.
• Warranty Claim must be made by the original purchaser listed on the original invoice.
• This warranty is not transferable or assignable.
• Additional costs such as diagnosing, towing, car rental, lost wages, programming or reprograming are not covered.
• Parts are warrantied only under normal driving conditions; claims that result from an accident, improper installation, abuse, neglect, misuse, alteration, improper maintenance or when used in off road or non-factory installations will be denied.
• Nordstrom’s may choose to repair, replace, or refund any part deemed to be under warranty coverage at their discretion.
• Warranty claims will be denied if they are not approved and documented by Nordstrom’s prior to commencing repairs.
• Nordstrom’s reserves the right to use a repair facility of its choosing to diagnose or perform a warranty claim repair.
• Parts are not covered for external fluid leaks. We recommend that seals and gaskets be replaced as part of the repair process. INTAKE GASKETS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.
• When a Justice Brothers additive is included with the part, it must be added with the fluid during the installation procedure per the containers recommendations, or the warranty claim may be denied.
• Warranty covers the base component and none of the other attached parts. We are selling the single part and other parts left attached are there for possible convenience or to protect the part we are selling. These extra attached parts are NOT covered by any warranty and most likely need to be changed as there is ZERO guarantee they will even be a correct fitment for your vehicle. Examples of these extra parts that may be left attached as part of the dismantling process are sensors, switches, injectors, valves, hoses, pipes, manifolds, solenoids, modules, harnesses, covers and other similar attached items. Please carefully compare and inspect prior to installation. You most likely will be switching multiple pieces form your original part to confirm proper fitment for your vehicle and its control system
• Warranty information also available at
• IMPORTANT, most all electronics, modules and components with embedded modules will require programming as part of the correct repair procedure. This MUST be done or the part may not operate correctly or may cause immediate damage. WARRANTY WILL BE VOID if correct programming procedure is not done. Programming is the customers responsibility and expense.
• Major components are stamped and may have heat sensitive tabs attached to indicated overheating that would void warranty.
• All tires or rims that are not the factory original specification for the customer’s vehicles are sold AS IS with no expressed or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Your choice to buy a rim or tire that was not specified for your vehicle is not our responsibility.
• All tires are sold as is with a satisfaction upon installation warranty only.


24 Months Major Component Limited Warranty with Labor Allowance

You do not have this optional limited warranty unless it is purchased on a line item on this invoice. When purchasing the Major Component Limited Warranty on the qualifying components which include Engines, Transmissions, and Differentials front and rear, Axle assemblies front and rear and Transfer Cases. This limited warranty covers the purchased part in the original installation with the same terms and conditions as the STD199DW for a period of 24 months. Included in this purchased warranty is a limited labor reimbursement when the part is professionally installed by a licensed business in automotive repair.
Nordstrom’s will pay for replacement or repair labor at the rate of $50.00 per hour based on an accepted repair guide considering R and I time with $35 to apply towards filter and fluid expenses. This limited labor allowance will be capped at the cost of the part or the following limits, whichever is LESS. The limits are $650.00 for Engines, $400.00 for Transmissions, and $250.00 for Differentials, Transfer Cases and Axels. This labor allowance applies to labor for the confirmed defective part and DOES NOT guarantee complete reimbursement for the entire repair cost of the warranty repair or any other additional expenses. Fleet Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles are only eligible for 12 Months of part only coverage under this warranty, NO LABOR on Fleet Vehicles.

99 Year Small Part Warranty, No Labor

You do not have this optional limited warranty unless it is purchased on a line item on this invoice. When purchasing the Warranty for Small Parts it extends our STD199DW to 99 years for the original purchaser on this invoice. This warranty is not available on the major components as listed in the Major Component Limited Warranty above. This warranty only applies to the part installed in the original vehicle for which it was purchased. Fleet Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles are only eligible for 12 Months of parts only coverage NO LABOR.

Notes and Important Legal Information

Unless the line Item detail on the front of this Invoice or specified in print at the time of your on-line purchase states different terms, the following details are accepted by the buyer with their choice to purchase from Nordstrom’s Automotive Inc. (DBA Nordstrom’s Auto Recycling; Nordstrom’s) The obligations of Nordstrom’s are limited to replacement or refund only as provided herein. The repair of your vehicle involves choices of the legally responsible party for the vehicle to be repaired and the repairing person or company they choose to perform these operations on their vehicle. Nordstrom’s is NOT liable for your choices of repair procedures during and after the installation of the parts you chose to purchase from Nordstrom’s. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use are limited to the same duration as the limited written warranty provided herein. At NO TIME will the refund exceed the purchase price unless the 24-Month Major Component Limited Warranty has been purchased in addition to the component. Should a dispute arise regarding this warranty, it shall first be submitted to mediation. The mediator shall be a mutually agreed upon South Dakota Lawyer. The mediator’s fees will be split equally between Nordstrom’s and its customer. Nordstrom’s and its customer will spend at least 4 hours in the mediation process unless a mutually agreed resolution is reached sooner. If the dispute is not settled in mediation, it shall be submitted to a mutually agreed upon South Dakota lawyer acting as an arbitrator pursuant to SDCL 21-25 (Uniform Arbitration Act), who shall utilize and apply South Dakota law. Nordstrom’s and its customer may appear before the mediator or arbitrator in person, telephonically, or by video-conferencing. Nordstrom’s and Its customer shall initially split the cost of the arbitrator, but the arbitrators decision shall assess against the losing party the ½ of the cost of the arbitrator paid by the winning party, and the reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of the winning party.


The recycled OEM parts purchased on this invoice were provided by a professional automotive recycler that participates in the ARA GOLD SEAL CERTIFIED AUTO RECYCLER PROGRAM. Nordstrom’s agrees to the GOLD SEAL code of Ethics. If you feel Nordstrom’s has failed to deliver on a promise or you are not satisfied with your product, first address the issue with Nordstrom’s and if then you do not feel they have been responsive call your concerns to the GOLD SEAL hotline at (888) 385-1005.

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